Motorcycle Noise

For years, I have worked with the Chicago Police Department to stem the noise from motorcycles on Lake Shore Drive. There have been many barriers to enforcement due to Illinois State law. I want to give special thanks to State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz for sponsoring House Bill 2361, which would allow the City of Chicago to enact an ordinance to authorize obtaining a noise monitoring system to study the impact of vehicular noise along Lake Shore Drive. It passed a House Committee last month.

I stand with State Rep. Feigenholtz to make sure this legislation passes that will help mitigate this longstanding issue that has disturbed the quality of life for residents living all along the Drive for many years.

The noise monitoring system would be similar in concept to the system used to measure jet noise around O’Hare International Airport. Data produced by the noise monitoring system will shed light on this problem. The only way to get this issue resolved is to have policy makers at all levels working together to alleviate this ongoing issue. Thank you, Sarah!