Worried About Eviction?

Don’t self-evict. A notice of eviction from your landlord does not mean you need to leave your home right away. Only the Sheriff can legally remove you from your home. Get legal help. Free legal assistance is available to Chicago renters. Go to Rentervention.com, which is provided by the Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, a DOH delegate […]

2021 Street Sweeping Starts April 1

Street sweeping occurs April through November. Temporary paper signs will be posted at least one day in advance...

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From The Alderman

I'm proud to represent one of the most diverse and vibrant wards in the City of Chicago.

James Cappleman
Alderman James Cappleman

upcoming events

October 21, 2021 7:00 pm

Beat 2024 CAPS meeting

Contact: 20th District CAPS office, 312-742-8770 Margate Park Fieldhouse

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