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Chicago College Scholarships

Chicago College Scholarships
Students who graduate from CPS in 2016 or after with a 3.0 GPA who test completion-ready in Math and English will be able to pursue an associate degree at City Colleges of Chicago at no cost – free tuition and books. Click here for more information and to learn how to apply.
The returns from a college education are high: On average, an associate degree generates nearly $500,000 more in additional lifetime earnings than a high school diploma. A bachelor degree brings another half a million dollars. By enrolling at City Colleges, students can save up to $40,000 compared to other local institutions.
CCC’s College to Careers program is designed to prepare Chicagoans for the more than 500,000 jobs coming to Chicago in seven key industries. CCC’s partnerships with four-year colleges and universities also help prepare students for successful transfers if they wish to seek a bachelor degree or beyond.


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