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CTA Lead Abatement and Painting – 4208-4364 N. Kenmore Ave.

The CTA is continuing the lead abatement and cleaning in the alley behind 4208-4364 N. Kenmore Avenue. During this work:
  • Crews will abate the CTA structure, using the following tools, some of which will produce noise:
    • Containment covers
    • Portable generator and air compressor
    • Power tools
    • A specialized vacuum
    • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Crews will collect paint chips, debris and dust and dispose pursuant to Illinois EPA Guidelines for Hazardous Waste
  • The project contractor has obtained an IDPH Licensed Lead Assessor who is authorized to stop work if the abatement operations show environmental safety risks that include breach of containment and visible emissions.
  • Lead Exposure High Volume Air Sampling reports are created whenever abatement work occurs. Reports from the start of this abatement cleaning work, 09/15 through 09/27 show No Detection and a couple exposures are reported as lower than the EPA Standard for Lead Exposure. The CTA will continue to track these exposures on a continuous basis.
  • For more information please see the Contractor’s statement below.


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