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Developer and Committee Procedures and Guidelines

About the 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee:

Representatives from over 40 diverse neighborhood organizations throughout the ward make up this committee. Representatives include members from various block clubs, condo boards, affordable housing buildings, as well as experts in urban planning and historic preservation (See below). Every resident should have at least one representative serving on this committee. Each organization sends one representative of their choosing to the Zoning & Development Committee.  Non-members may attend as room allows. Non-members may submit questions to be asked by their representative at the meeting. For more information about this committee and your representative, call the 46th Ward office at 773-878-4646 or email the office at  New members may be added to the committee in the future. For more information, please see  the Developer and Committee Procedure Guidelines.

Zoning & Development Committee Members:
Uptown United
Lakeview East Chamber of Commerce
North Halsted Merchant Association
Uptown Chicago Commission
ONE Northside
Voice of The People
East Lake View Neighbors
3900 N. Lake Shore Drive
3950 N. Lake Shore Drive
3930 N. Pine Grove
Lakeview East Co-op (707 W. Waveland)
655 W. Irving
Gill Park Co-op (810 W. Grace)
555 W. Cornelia
Buena Park Neighbors
4250 N. Marine Drive
4300 N. Marine Drive
Ruth Shriman Building (4040 N. Sheridan)
4343 N. Clarendon
Clarendon Park Neighbors
Lakeview Towers 4550 N. clarendon
1026 W. Montrose (Wilson Yard)
Graceland Wilson Block Club
Clark Street Neighbors
Dover Street Neighbors Block Club
Beacon Block Club
Magnolia-Malden Block Club
Truman Square Neighbors
Lakeside Area Neighbors Association
Castlewood Terrace
Gunnison Block Club
Friendly Tower (920 W. Wilson)
Argyle Winnmore Block Club
700 W. Bittersweet
828 W. Grace
4848 N. Sheridan
North Uptown Neighbors Association (NUNA)
3660 N. Lake Shore Drive
3600 N. Lake Shore Drive
4640 N. Sheridan
4848 N. Winthrop
850 W. Eastwood
Jackie Taylor (Non-profit/Entertainment)
Mark Zipperer (Real estate)
Marty Tangora (Historic Structures)
Chester Kropidlowski (Traffic)
Luke Sauer (Retail)

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