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Upcoming Projects

Potential Development at Lake Shore Dr. and Waveland

UPDATE 8/2019: After many months, the developer has come back to work out issues with the New York Private Residences. Please see a draft of this current proposal. NOTE: This proposal is a work in progress, so we expect there will be changes along the way.  Remember, the design, height, density, and number of units can change as the community discusses this project.

Many people have contacted Ald. Cappleman’s office about a preliminary proposal at this location in front of the 3660 N. Lake Shore Drive building. Currently, the potential developer is working out ingress, egress and other issues with the New York Private Residences located at 3660 and then will present to the larger community. As soon as these issues are worked out, we will post the most up to date information and renderings here. We will begin community meetings for the surrounding buildings and neighbors in the coming months as these initial issues with the New York Private Residences are resolved. If you would like to be informed of these meetings, please contact Tressa Feher at the 46th Ward office or call/text (773) 906-4609.

1039 W. Lawrence

Property owner, Jim Stoller, is proposing to convert and reuse an existing, vacant SRO building to 80 residential units. This proposal will require a zoning change from B3-3 to a transit orientated B3-5, Type 1 zoning change. The proposal includes 10% affordable units built onsite. Alderman Cappleman will be hosting a meeting with the Truman Square Neighbor’s Block Club on September 5, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at 1039 W. Lawrence. For more information, please see the following documents: 1039 Lawrence Developer Application1039 W Lawrence Plat of Survey; 1039 W Lawrence Plans

3726-28 N. Lake Shore Drive

8/8/19 UPDATE: After meeting with the neighbors to the north and south, JAB has modified the project to reduce the unit count (from 42 to 36) and are now able to provide parking as required, 1:1.  In further reviewing the project, they also recognized that having a loading berth at the rear of the property was going to create an unpleasant condition for the southern neighbors along the drive aisle which stretches over 300 feet from Lake Shore Drive along their property line.  Accordingly, they will be seeking a waiver of the loading berth requirement. For updated information on this plan, please see 3726NLSD – V2 -1ST + 2ND FLOOR – 1008267903726NLSD – V2 -3RD + 4TH FLOOR + ROOF – 100826790

Developer, JAB Real Estate, Inc., is planning to construct 42 units consistent with the underlying zoning, but are seeking a 20% parking reduction and a reduction in the north side yard to 3 feet for levels 2-4. They will meet the 5 ft. setback at the ground level aside from the front entry gate that will require a request for a zero ft. setback. Additionally, they will need to go to the Plan Commission since the project is within the Chicago Lakefront Protection Private Use zone. For information on this plan, please see the following document: 2019.05.21 – 3728 LSD – Plans


4502 – 04 N. Beacon


Zoning Change Approved. Property owner, Steve Sgouras, is proposing to build a four story, 46 ft. residential building with 9 units, 10 car parking spaces. This proposal would require a zoning change from RS-3 to B2-3. The Beacon Block Club is hosting a meeting to discuss this proposal on Thursday, June 27 at 6:30 p.m. at Carol’s Pub, 4659 N Clark St. Please contact Beacon Block Club or if you would like to discuss this proposal. For more information about the proposal, please see the following document:4502 N BEACON 2-4-19_small; Beacon-Block-Club-4500-Beacon-Approval-Letter

4750 N. Winthrop

Zoning change approved. Property owner, CEDARst., is proposing to build a four story, 50 ft. residential building with 84 residential units, 37 parking spaces at this location. This proposal would require a zoning change from RT4 to B2-5. Alderman Cappleman is hosted a meeting with the Truman Square Neighbors to discuss this proposal on Thursday, May 30 at 6:00 p.m. in the Bridgeview Bank conference room on the first floor. Please contact Truman Square Neighbors or tressa.feher@cityofchicago in Alderman Cappleman’s office if you would like to discuss this proposal. For more information, please see the following document: 2018_0328_4750 N. Winthrop Concept Design-revised for handouts_Final; TSN_4750WinthropLetter


Previous Projects

3837 N. Kenmore

Zoning Change Denied. Property owner, Kevin Derrig, is seeking to raze the existing building and to redevelop the site with a new four-story, 8 unit, residential (rental) building, which would be similar in architectural characteristic and massing to the building immediately to the north. The property currently has a three-story (with basement) multi-unit residence and a frame detached garage. There is a driveway which runs along the south side of the property, providing vehicular access to the garage. This proposal is a Transit Oriented Development, which would allow for onsite parking for 4 vehicles – a 50% reduction in required parking, require a zoning change from an RT-4 to an *RM-6 with a Transit Oriented Development . *They are requesting the -6 solely to apply for the TOD reduction. They are planning to meet all of the other criteria for an RM-5, such as height, MLA, setbacks, and FAR. This would be a mandatory Type 1 zoning amendment to ensure that they owner builds only to the -5 perimeters. Alderman Cappleman’s office will be hosting a community meeting on Thursday, June 27 at 6:30 pm located at Gill Park to discuss this proposal. Please contact to discuss this proposal. For more information about the proposal, please see the following document: 3837 N. Kenmore – Plan Package (Revised) 11-28-18

4608 – 4630 N Malden Ave.

UPDATE: Property owner building as of right – no zoning change.

Property owner, Steve Sgouras, has a new proposal for this property and is requesting a zoning change from the current RT4 designation to an RM4.5 to develop 5 condominium buildings that each are approximately 52′ tall with 4-stories and a basement. This includes a total of 45 condominium units with 44 car parking spaces. The proposal includes a 30′ front yard setback, however, Sgouras is also asking for a reduction in the combined side yard setback of 10′ to 6′ and from 65 sq. ft. rear yard open space to 0 sq. ft. to accommodate parking off of the alley.  All car entry will be from the alley, so they are not requesting a curb cut. Alderman Cappleman hosted an open house to review this proposal and speak with the developer on Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. in the lobby at Truman College.  Additionally, a meeting was held to review this proposal by the Magnolia Malden Block Club on June 28, 2018 at Emerald City Cafe. For more information, please see the following documents: maldenFront-5LotssiteGeneral4-5Lots4608Malden_DevApp_5-3-18 Magnolia Malden Neighbors opposes the Sgouras project on Malden 7-20-184-2018 4608 N Malden Letter_UptownUnited; GWNA Letter of Support for 4608 N Malden Development 07-20-18BBC Letter of Support-4608 Malden 7-21-18

**Previous Proposal from 2017** Owner, Malden Development LLC, is requesting a zoning change from an RT-4 designation to a Residential Planned Development with a RM 4.5 underlying zoning designation to develop two 25-unit rental residential buildings with 25 parking spaces and 11 condominium town homes with 22 parking spaces.  The two 25-unit buildings will be approximately 53′ 6″ tall with entry from Malden and a requested curb cut for parking. The town homes will be 33′ 8″ tall with car entry from the alley. Alderman Cappleman met with the Magnolia Malden Block Club on July 20th to review this proposal. Residents had questions and concerns about the garage entrance, front setback, and density. The developer will be making changes and the community will review the project again. For more information, please see the following documents:4608 Malden Developer Application4608Malden_Rendering – 7-11-17Malden Community Presentation 7-20-17

4720 N. Sheridan




Zoning change approved. Developer Jason Vondrachek, from Quest Realty, is proposing to build a 6 story, 75 ft. mixed use, 30 residential unit and first floor retail Transit oriented Development at this location, which would require a zoning change from B3-3 to B3-5. Truman Square Neighbors reviewed this proposal with the developer at Alderman Cappleman’s office on Monday, July 23 at 7:00 p.m. After posting the information on their Facebook page and scheduled voting period, Truman Square Neighbors approved this up-zone.  For more information, please see the following document: 4720 N Sheridan Developer ApplicationUptown United Development Partners 4720 N Sheridan Letter4720_LetterToAlderman_TrumanSquareNeighbors

3751 N. Broadway – Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School

Planned development accepted. The Bernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School is proposing to build a 5-story school building on it’s current campus at 3751 N. Broadway. Section 17-8-0506 of the zoning code says that school uses on sites over 2 acres require a mandatory planned development. Because the school is going to be physically connected to the existing synagogue, the site area is the full site, which is approximately 3.32 acres. Therefore, the expansion requires a planned development. On Tuesday, February 6, 2018 representatives of the Bernard Zell Day School presented this proposal to East Lake View Neighbors and held a community information meeting at Anshe Emet on Thursday, February 8, 2018 for the immediate neighbors to address any concerns.

Bernard Zell-Anshe Emet DD Presentation w renderings

4600 N. Magnolia

Zoning change accepted, but property owner is not moving forward with project – zoning NOT changed. Developer, Dave Gassman from DLG Construction, is proposing a new construction Transit Oriented Development (TOD), which would require a zoning change from B3-3 to a B2-3 to allow for an all residential building. The proposal is to build a 5-story, plus garden-level, 28 unit residential building with a total height of 68 ft. The developer met with Magnolia Malden Block Club on Tuesday, December 15, 2017 and on Tuesday, February 7, 2018 with the Sheridan Park Neighbors Association (SPNA). The president of Magnolia Malden Block Club along with other block club presidents in Sheridan Park participated in the SPNA meeting. A final vote was held by the neighborhood’s four Block Clubs, represented by each respective President.   The final vote tally was 3‐0 (Beacon Block Club, Magnolia‐Malden Neighbors, Graceland‐Wilson Neighbors Association) with one abstention from Dover Street
Neighbors.   While SPNA did not vote, after consultation with the Block Club Presidents, and engaging the neighborhood, SPNA  lends its support to this project.    For more information, please see the following documents: 4600 N Magnolia – Ward46_Developerapplication4600_Magnolia Plans4600 N Magnolia Letter Uptown United 10-25-2017, SPNA_LOS_4600 Magnolia

920 W. Lawrence

Zoning change approved. The Japanese American Service Committee (JASC), owner of 920 W. Lawrence Ave., also known as Heiwa Terrace, has requested an Aldermanic Rezoning in order to have a uniform zoning designation on its parcel. As it currently stands, the parcel has two zoning designations, which is not permitted in the zoning code. The Aldermanic Rezoning will change the entire parcel to B3-5. It is currently partially RT-4 and partially B3-5. Once the rezoning is completed JASC will be splitting the parcel between the parking lot and building, as part of a refinancing. After the split, we will apply for a Special Use for offsite parking, as the parking will be considered offsite. JASC is not planning any construction as a part of this approval. This request is mostly to satisfy lending requirements to make sure this location continues to be HUD certified.

4537 N. Clark

Zoning change denied. Developer, Icon Capital Group, is proposing a  TOD (Transit Oriented Development) that requires a zoning change from the current C1-2 to a B2-3.  This proposal is a 4-story (47’) mixed-used structure that will include ground floor retail, 24 rental units and 12 fully enclosed parking spaces.  The required affordable units (two) will be provided on-site.  Other features of the proposal include solid masonry on all four elevations: brick with limestone elements and decorative iron balcony rails; a considerable rear setback to accommodate the Dover Street Historic District Neighbors; with a landscaped buffer in the alley along that setback; in addition to downlighting for better security. Alderman Cappleman met with the Dover Street Neighbors on Thursday, October 26, 2017 to review this proposal with the developer. For more information, please see the following document: 4537 N Clark Proposal 9-19-17

1030 W. Sunnyside

On hold. Owner, Morningside, is requesting a Planned Development amendment and zoning change on the property south of the former Stewart School from the RT-4 to B2-5 for a proposed TOD (Transit Oriented Development), multi-unit 128 ft. residential building with 144 units, 2,400 sq. ft. of commercial space and 7 parking spaces. Morningside is planning to honor the Affordable Requirements Ordinance by building all required units onsite. For more information, please see the following documents: 1030 West Sunnyside1030 Sunnyside Zoning Application

800 W. Buena

Zoning variance accepted. The Center for Economic Research and Social Change, d.b.a. Haymarket Books sought a variance for the property located at 800 W. Buena Avenue in the form of a special use permit to establish a community center in an existing 3 story building in a RS-1 Residential Single-Unit (Detached House) District. For more information, please see: 800 Buena Special Use Application; CERSC_CommunityQuestionnaire_7-10-17

Next community meeting for this proposal will be Tuesday, July 11 at 6:30 p.m. at Pride Films & Plays at 4139 North Broadway.

Voting for this zoning variance begins 7/11/17 and ends 7/18/17 at 5:00 p.m. Voting online and in-person has expired.

928 Cullom

Zoning variance denied. 928 Cullom, LLC, a privately held Illinois limited liability company, sought a variance in the form of a special use permit to establish a sober living facility, which falls under the Transitional Residence definition that is found at 17-17-0102-A(7) of the Chicago Zoning Ordinance. The Special Use was  located at 928 West Cullom Avenue, Chicago, IL (the “Property”). The property is included within the RM-5 zoning district and the Applicant does not request a change in the zoning classification. For more information, please see: 928 Cullom – Requested Special Use Information, 928 Cullom – House Rules and Regulations – 06 23 2017

Voting for this zoning variance begins 7/6/17 and ends 7/13/17. Voting online and in-person has expired.

4537 N. Clark

Zoning change denied. Developer, The Longford Group LLC, is requesting a zoning change from C1-2 to B3-3 Transit Oriented Development that would become a new construction 5 story , 24 unit condo building over commercial with 1 to 1 parking. Alderman Cappleman will be looking to the local neighbors to review the proposal and advise on the zoning change. For more information, please see the following documents:4537Clark_Developerapplication4537 clark st Proposed Development (original);  4537 clark revised elevations4537 clark revised plansShadow Study December 22Shadow Study June 21Shadow Study March 20

Sheridan & Wilson, 4554 N. Sheridan (975 W. Wilson)

Zoning change accepted. Developer, CRG Acquisitions, LLC, is requesting a zoning change from B3-2 to B3-5 that would become a planned development for a 94 ft. mixed-use building with 147 rental units and 7,000 sq. ft. of ground floor retail, and 29 parking spaces. The Clarendon Park Neighbors and the 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee reviewed another proposal from Cedar St. at this location in 2015 that was not executed. Alderman Cappleman’s 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee met to review this proposal on 2/27/17 and 3/27/17. Please see these documents for for more information: 46th Ward Zoning and Development Application for 975 W. Wilson, Site Plan for Wilson & Sheridan (1-18-2017)Floor Plans for Wilson & Sheridan (1-18-17), Renderings for Wilson & Sheridan (1-18-17)Wilson-Sheridan_Revisions_6-30-17

3921 N. Sheridan Road

Zoning change accepted. Developer and owner of the property, Joe Lamanto, is requesting a zoning change from B1-2 to B3-5 TOD (Transit Oriented Development) with a planned development ordinance for a seven-story, mixed-use building with 120 apartments, and 44 interior parking spaces with a height of 79.83 ft. East Lake View Neighbors met with the developer on November 3, 2016 to review this proposal. The neighborhood organization’s board had some concerns at first about the size, but upon further discussion voted to support this development (see attached letter). The 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee supported this zoning change. Please see these documents for more information: 3921 N Sheridan Planned Development Exhibits, ELVN Letter

4654 N. Sheridan Road – Sarah’s Circle

Zoning change accepted. Sarah’s Circle is requesting a zoning change from B3-3 to B3-5 for a proposed mixed-use residential and commercial property with 38 units of affordable housing, as well as shared supportive services space and a facility for the organization’s 50-bed Interim Housing program. Sarah’s Circle hosted a meeting with Alderman Cappleman’s office, Truman Square Neighbors, and the local neighbors on December 12th to review this project. During the meeting, neighbors voiced concerns about the loss of a building with a long history in the Uptown neighborhood (building is not on the Chicago listing of historic and architectural significant buildings). The team working with Sarah’s Circle re-designed the plans for this proposal with these concerns in mind. Please see the updated plans below.

The site, 4654 N. Sheridan Rd, is located two blocks south of Sarah’s Circle’s main facility at 4836-4838 N. Sheridan Road and currently consists of a two story building. The lot size is 7,290 square feet, and the building will have up to 35,700 square feet of space. The first floor will be supportive services space accessible to both Interim Housing and Permanent Housing residents with reception, staff offices, private consultation rooms, a group room, a computer lab, dining, and kitchen space. The second floor will be the main space for the 50-bed Interim Housing program and the top four floors will have 38 ADA accessible studio apartments with full, private bathrooms and kitchenettes. Additionally, there will be some shared community spaces on the residential floors. This new facility will be staffed 24/7 and will have security cameras. The 46th Ward Zoning and Development Committee supported this zoning change.

Please see these documents for more information: Sarah’s Circle Letter to Zoning Committee, 4654 Sheridan Plans, 46th Ward Zoning and Development Application for Sarah’s Circle, Sarah’s Circle Overview, Sarah’s Circle Current and Previous Plans, Truman Square Neighbors Letter, Lakeside Neighbors Letter, Margate Park Letter, Uptown United Letter, Chicago Art Deco Society Letter


For all past developments, please see our development archives.