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Leland Shared Street – Provide Feedback

Leland Shared Street – Provide Feedback


The Chicago Department of Transportation is taking feedback on the Leland-Uptown shared street and wants to hear from neighbors – if you have used the Shared Street or live on/near the Leland Shared Street, you can provide direct feedback at


The Chicago Department of Transportation installed the Leland Uptown Shared Street on May 27th. In the 46th Ward portion, the shared street runs from Clark St to East of Sheridan Rd. Similar to last summer, the shared street will extend west into other wards and will continue to connect to the bike path leading to the lakefront (see map below).

The Shared Streets program was first launched by CDOT last year during the summer at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic so that local roads could be converted into corridors for improved, safe travel, and physical activity. Vehicular access is restricted to local traffic only in order to allow for more space for walking, biking, rolling, and social distancing. As a shared street, cars will still be able to enter. Through traffic is prohibited, and those driving on the shared street must drive slowly and yield to people on the street. The Shared Street does not remove parking. Please note that you will still be able to park on your street. Emergency services, garbage trucks, street sweepers and delivery vehicles will still be able to use the street. 

The Shared Streets program is designed to be flexible and responsive to community feedback. CDOT wants your input! If you observe a problem with equipment on a Shared Street (i.e. a barrel or barrier broken, missing, or misplaced), please call 311 and provide the intersection or address. Always call 911 for emergencies. Please reach out to our office at to let us know what you think!

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