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46th Ward 2022 Menu Funds

Menu funds describe the $1.5 million that each ward office receives and allocates to infrastructure projects that go to improvements such as street and alley repaving and sidewalk repairs. This process is referred to as menu funds, because the office receives a “menu” of infrastructure options to choose from each year.

Each year, our office reviews the Chicago Department of Transportation and 311 data, recommendations and planned work from city agencies, and ideas from neighbors on where to invest menu funds. Your calls and emails throughout the year about the conditions of roads, risen sidewalks, and other observations help inform our menu spending!

Some common examples of menu projects include:

  • Street Resurfacing (repaving a street)
  • Alley Resurfacing  (repaving an alley)
  • Sidewalk Reconstruction/Resurfacing (rebuilding/repairing raised or broken sidewalks), learn more about the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program here. The 2023 Shared Cost Sidewalk Program will be open for applications on Monday, January 9, 2023,  from 6 am to 10 pm
  • Curb & Gutter (repairing a deteriorating curbline or a sinking/cut gutter)
  • Alley Apron (repaving entrance to alley)
  • Arterial Street Bump Outs (enlarging major street corners to shorten crosswalk)
  • Street Lighting (adding/upgrading street lighting)
  • Bike Lines (installing bike lanes)
  • Tree Plantings (planting a tree)
Menu Fund Suggestions

Your feedback helps us to prioritize menu funds each year! If you aren’t sure about whether or not an infrastructure idea/concern is related to menu, please send it along and we can ensure the proper department is alerted! We are always happy to assist with 311 requests or other infrastructure projects. If you have a menu project idea or an infrastructure concern, please email our office at or call us at 773-878-4646.

In the email, please include your name, address, contact information. When describing your idea, please make sure to include:

  • The type of infrastructure request/problem and why: is your concern about a street, a sidewalk square, etc? Is it broken, is there flooding, etc?
  • The address/location of the infrastructure item: please be as specific as possible, including an address, cross street, and other markers.
  • The extent/length of the request: “The street needs to be paved for 2 blocks, from X St. to Y Ave. ” or “2 sidewalk squares need to be replaced.”
  • Whenever possible, please include photos!

Our office continues to add and adjust our spending priorities throughout the year, as infrastructure conditions change due to storms, construction, emergency work, and more. Please never hesitate to reach out whenever you have ideas for potential improvements to our ward!


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