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City Stickers, Zone Parking, Speed Bump Petition


Learn more about purchasing City Stickers and guest parking passes online/in-person and getting exception letters from our office on our other webpage:
Purchasing 2023 Parking Passes and City Stickers Online and In-Person

Annual City Sticker

City residents who own a vehicle are required to have a valid city sticker. New residents and those who recently purchased a vehicle have 30 days to come into compliance. City stickers are sold through the Chicago City Clerk’s office. We do not sell city stickers at the 46th Ward office. You can purchase a sticker at the Chicago City Clerk’s website or at following locations:

  • City Clerk Office – 121 N LaSalle, Room 107
  • City Clerk Satellite Office – 5430 W Gale
  • Department of Revenue – 2550 W Addison
  • Most Currency Exchanges (service fee may apply)

You must show proof of address and vehicle registration when purchasing a sticker in person.


As of November 12th, 2019, residents who have an unexpired Illinois Driver’s License or State ID with a Veteran designation will be eligible to receive one City Sticker at no cost. 

Please note that residents can only take advantage of this offer at Office of the City Clerk locations. There will be no refunds for previously issued stickers. Residents will qualify when their sticker is up for renewal.

Residential Zone Parking

Certain streets restrict parking to neighborhood residents. Vehicles parking on these streets during specified hours are required to display a valid residential parking permit. Only residents of zoned streets and adjacent buffer zones are eligible to purchase parking permits. Buffer zones include streets that touch a street with zoned parking only. Businesses are not eligible to receive residential parking permits.

Click here to check if you are eligible for a residential parking permit.

Guest Parking Passes

UPDATE: Currently you can buy these through the Chicago City Clerk’s website , in-person at one of their locations, or at the 46th Ward Office:
  • City Clerk Office – 121 N LaSalle, Room 107
  • City Clerk Satellite Office – 5430 W Gale
  • 46th Ward Office – 4544 N Broadway

Daily passes are for guests of those living in a residential parking zone. The pass is valid for up to 24 hours from the date and time written on the permit.

Residents living in a zoned parking area can purchase up to 45 daily passes every 30 days.

Daily Pass Fees:
$8 for 15 passes
$16 for 30 passes
$24 for 45 passes

Daily passes expire on December 31st of each year. You may be ticketed if you use passes which are no longer valid.


Are you looking to have zoned parking on your street?

If your street currently does NOT have zoned parking but would like to, please click the link below for more information on how to get zoned parking added.
Residential Zoned Parking Petition 

46th Ward Residential Zone Parking Map

To see a larger version of the map and search using your address, click the square icon in the top right corner of the map:

Residential Speed Bump Petition

As the first step in the speed bump process, interested neighbors work to collect petitions that show at least 65% of the block’s residents are in favor of speed bumps being added.

Please note that speed bumps are not often our first choice given that they hinder emergency vehicles and snow plows, and therefore sometimes other traffic calming options (bump outs, extended curbs, striping, signage, etc) are utilized instead.

Link to petition can be found here.

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