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Bed Bugs

Do I Have Bed Bugs?
Are there blood stains on your sheets or sleeping area?   Are there black or brown stains on or around your sleeping area or nearby furniture?   Do you wake up with bite marks, in a line or a circle?

If you answered yes, you may have bed bugs.
If you believe you may have bed bugs…
DO contact your landlord and/or call 311 to report a bed bug problem.
DO vacuum regularly and carefully.
DO eliminate clutter that may hide problem areas.
DO use a hot dryer to kill bed bugs on sheets, clothes, and other items.
DO use a bed bug cover to protect your mattress/box spring.
DO read the label carefully before using ANY product on your mattress, furniture, or yourself.

DON’T panic or ignore the problem.
DON’T throw away your furniture; even mattresses can be treated for bed bugs.
DON’T use bug bombs or foggers.  They aren’t very effective against bed bugs, and can be dangerous.
DON’T use bug sprays, pesticides, or other products unless they are specifically approved for bed bugs.

For more information, contact the Midwest Pesticide Action Center online or at 773-878-PEST (773-878-7378).

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