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Affordable Housing, Rental Assistance & Utility Bill Assistance

  • Residents with lower incomes may qualify for rental assistance in market-rate apartment buildings by using Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund (LIHTF) dollars. For a listing of market-rate apartment buildings that receive LIHTF subsidies and to apply for a rent subsidy, click here. Apartment buildings that receive these subsidies must meet certain standards.
  • Qualified residents can also apply to low-income housing programs where renters pay either a reduced rent or 1/3 of their monthly income for rent. Below is a listing of low-income housing programs in the 46th Ward.

Chicago Housing Authority
As the largest owner of rental property in Chicago, CHA offers a variety of housing opportunities for families and seniors with low income in four different types of housing: mixed-income developments, senior apartments; scattered site housing; and traditional developments. For more information, click here.

CHA also offers the Chicago Housing Options Survey Tool, which is designed to identify resources and housing options available in Chicago. This survey will refer you to some programs that might have a waiting list and it does not guarantee access to a particular program. Click here to take this survey.

Mercy Housing
Mercy Housing is working to create a more humane world where poverty is alleviated, communities are healthy and all people can develop their full potential. Their mission is to create stable, vibrant and healthy communities by developing, financing and operating affordable, program-enriched housing for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities. For more information and to apply, click here.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
This is an affordable apartment search for the elderly, disabled, and families with low income. This search also includes searches for subsidized apartments. Some units are also available in market-rate apartment buildings. For more information, click here.

Voice of the People
VOICE currently consists of 15 properties for a total of 220 affordable housing units. For almost 4 decades, Voice of the People has worked for and with low-income individuals and families in Uptown to create quality affordable housing. For more information, click here.

4861 N. Kenmore Avenue, 1st Floor
(773) 769-2442

Housing Counseling Services
Housing and Urban Development’s Chicago office trains and certifies Housing Counseling services throughout the City to provide residents with totally free counseling and training on looking for affordable housing, both for prospective owners and renters. For a full list of HUD approved Housing Counselors in Chicago, residents can go to

Affordable Housing Assistance

Heartland Alliance
Stable, affordable and decent housing is a critical element in any person’s dignity, personal stability and ability to serve as a productive and integrated member of our society. Heartland Alliance’s housing team meets people with different needs or at different phases of their lives, be it coming off living on the streets, moving from public housing to mixed-income units, or owning their first home. Click here for more information.

4750 N. Sheridan

Inspiration Corporation
They provide more than 150 units of scattered-site, permanent supportive housing that is subsidized through the Illinois Dept. of Human Services, Chicago Low-Income Housing Trust Fund, and the U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development. Click here for more information.

4554 N. Broadway, Suite 207
(773) 878-0981

More Tenant Resources
The Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund’s website also includes a number of organizations that advocate for the rights of tenants. Click here for a listing of these resources.

Rental Assistance

Utility Bill Assistance

Interested constituents can explore program offerings through the Help Illinois Families here.

As temperatures continue to drop and heating bills start to rise use these resources to keep your bills down! ComEd has several different programs to help you and your family stay warm this winter. Click HERE to visit the ComEd website to see if you’re eligible to apply.

Assistance is available to help Peoples Gas customers pay and manage heating bills this winter. To see if you are eligible and apply for bill pay assistance, go to or call the Community Economic Development Association at 800-571-2332. To set up payment plans and budget billing, and learn about ways to reduce energy use go to

Bill pay assistance:
Financial assistance is available to help Peoples Gas customers with heating bills this winter. To see if you are eligible and apply for bill pay assistance, go to or call the Community Economic Development Association at 800-571-2332.

Winter energy-saving tips:
Manage energy use by turning down your thermostat, using a programmable thermostat, sealing gaps around windows and doors, and scheduling an annual furnace tuneup. Peoples Gas also offers free energy efficiency consultations. For more information, go to

Budget Billing:
Pay the same amount each month with Budget Billing. The billing program spreads out seasonal variations in your Peoples Gas bill over 12 months. While you still pay for all of the natural gas you actually use, Budget Billing provides consistent bills throughout the year. For more information and to enroll, go to

Call 800-571-2332 or visit the website here.

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