Clarendon Park Community Center renovation

Thanks to a $4.6 million contribution from the Clarendon/Montrose Tax Incremental Financing (TIF) District, the Clarendon Park Community Center will undergo an extensive renovation. Due to the influx of capital to Clarendon Park, the Chicago Park District  decided to contribute an additional $1.5 million, bringing the total to $6.1 million available for the renovation. These long overdue repairs will bring the community center back in compliance with city building codes.

This fall, Uptown residents provided feedback about improvements they’d like to see at the community center, which is located at 4501 N. Clarendon. Attendees at a Sept. 20 open house used large graphics of the building to cast votes on interior room renovations. Each attendee was allowed three votes. On the ground floor, the gym received the most votes (37), and on the first floor, the multi-purpose room received the most votes (48). All of the vote tallies are listed below.

The Park District is in the process of securing a design team for the project. Once a team is in place and assessment and design work have been completed, another Open House will be scheduled to present the final plan for the renovations to the community. The timeline for the project has not been determined yet.

Vote tallies from Sept. 20:

Ground Floor

Gym, 37 votes

Game Room, 14

Fitness Room, 12

Model Railroad Room, 10

Boiler, 8

Switchgear, 5

Early Childhood, 3

Mike’s Office, 2

Men’s Bathroom, 1

Lobby, 1

Front Planter, 1

First Floor

Multi-purpose room, 48 votes

Dance Room, 24

Recording Studio, 13

Kuumba Lynx Office, 10

SW Meeting Room, 7

Restrooms, 7

Tower Restoration, 6

Kuumba Lynx Room, 5

Shared Art Room, 2