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City Recycling Pick-Up Schedule

City of Chicago Blue Cart Pick-Up Map and Schedule (click here to download PDF): A More User Friendly Version Can Be Found At RecyclebyCity

Recycle By City is a service you can use to learn more about how your recycling and garbage are collected in Chicago.  Through this website, you can access a household guide that details how to sort your garbage, the most recent trash collection updates, a quiz to test your knowledge, and the pickup schedule for your address.

If you select the “Get your pickup schedule” button, you can enter your address into the search box.  If your address does not receive pickup from the city, the service will notify you, as you can see below, with our office address as an example:

If you do receive city pick-up services, it will list your garbage collection day and your recycling collection day.  You will also see a monthly calendar showing your pickup services (see an example below), upcoming events, such as Christmas Tree pick-up, and an option to receive email or calendar alerts reminding you of your pickup dates.

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