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Uptown Chamber 100th Anniversary

Uptown Chamber 100th Anniversary

Uptown’s cultural history is unique. Since the beginning, Uptown has been a shopping, entertainment, and dining destination for people of all walks of life; a port of entry for immigrants; and a home to generations of visual and performing artists. The histories of Uptown and the Uptown Chamber of Commerce are inextricably linked. After all, it was one of the Chamber’s founding members who coined “Uptown” as the name for our neighborhood. From 1923 to 2023, the Chamber has served and promoted Uptown’s vibrant business districts, connecting them to residents and visitors.The Uptown Chamber is celebrating our 100 years of service and would love for you to join us on Friday, May 5th for Be Bold and Prosper!, a celebration of our community featuring:

  • Storytelling by past and present Chamber members
  • Art, music, and theatrical performances
  • An international menu of food and drink showcasing the tastes and talents of our members

Date:  Friday, May 5th, 2023 Time:  5:30pm – 8:00pmLocation:  The Riviera Theatre, 4746 N Racine Ave.TICKETS:FREE to all with RSVP.  Click here!Add-ons:$20:  Get a behind the scenes tour of The Riviera Theatre by long-time staff member, John Booher, during the event.  Click here!Contribute $100 to our Centennial Fund in honor of our 100 years of serving Uptown, and receive a complimentary Centennial Stainless Steel 12oz Wine Tumbler Gift Set!  This will only be available for pick up at the event on May 5th or at our office following the event.  Click here to contribute!

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